Monday, 8 October 2012

Mud, Micro Pigs and the Middle Class

This Saturday, Ardingly showground played host to The South of England Autumn Show and Game fair, and since my lucky auntie managed to snag some free tickets (and imagining ourselves convincing country dwellers) we decided to head down. So we set out into the Saturday morning sunshine, all bright eyed and bushy tailed, in our cut price Wellies and Matalan quilted jackets masquerading as their wealthy slightly-aloof cousins Hunter and Barbour, ready to hit The South of England Autumn show and Game fair.

Sadly I was minus a lovely British Mulberry Bayswater... but we can't have it all!
As we approached the gate it became clear that we very much out of our depth; gunshots ricocheted around the carpark, as an alarming amount of LandRover Discovery's boxed us in. This was compounded by teaming crowds of Jack Wills clad young farmers and loud groups of tweedy old men comparing alarmingly large dogs. Luckily I had my *cough* fake *cough* Louis Vuitton to hide behind, and our Brighton accent has a decidedly posh twang to it, so we breathed deeply and ventured in:
As expected, there were alot of dogs... and khaki... and quilted jackets... and wellies...
But bizarrely, there was an abundance of Indiana jones style hats; a middle class trend in the making methinks.
Back to the dogs:
#Lurchers + Greyhounds seemed to be the pooch of choice for the discerning farmer.
I was hoping my mother would buckle under the pressure and sheer quantities of cute dogs present and buy my a teacup pomeranian, but alas, she remained resolute :(
I really wanted this little fella, he looked so sad in his little cage with his tiny tiny ears. I wanted to reassure him that he was more of a bunny than the bigger rabbits would ever be. The looks I got when I asked a trader whether she sold micro pigs aswell was scathing to say the least.
The food was a massive high point. Natural locally sourced food really is super yummy, and has the added bonus of being great for you too: its a win win situation.
We brought alot of ginger spiced tipple and some fab cherry drink that the man said would be fab with champagne AND vodka. Thats me sorted then.
Whisky and Honey Liquer was another find.
Vegetables were always going to be a key aspect of a country show. Some of the big vegetables were mildly ridiculous (see vast Leek above)
Can't beat a good tractor.
Country types sure know their vintage automobiles. Lots of wicked old cars to enjoy. This was my favourite:
The interior styling was really nifty and era appropriate. Very cute, very English, very quant: a perfect fit for the South of England show. #Want
Country style:
Mum was loving the classic jeans with quilted jacket tucked into standard wellies. Khaki green was the colour of choice at the fair.
Likewise, I was also favouring a good old quilted jacket. Prevalant in every good high street store this season, definitely a wardrobe staple for the increasingly chilly weather. Worn with my favourite item of clothing- dark blue skinnies ofcouse, and simple white converse. Add a classic Louis Vuitton speedy and a Vivienne Westwood key necklace and you're ready to go!
So all farmer-ed out, we schlepped back to the carpark with our gourmet goodies and took off back to our urban habitat. We had a fab day out in the fresh air, pretending to be posh and scoffing free samples. Sadly, I never did get my micro pig...

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