Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Style- What does one wear to a sunday carvery?!


So the day of perpetual laziness rolls around once again, and the world breathes a sigh of relief or is too busy dying of a hangover to care. In honour of my nan's birthday the family got together and we headed off to the good old carvery in search of some classic sunday grub. For once the temperature climbed above freezing and the sun even graced us with its presence; luring me out of my jeans and into a skirt. With my big comfy coat/ sleeping-bag-with-arms once again ensconced in my wardrobe, I even slung on a light jacket! And shoes in no way suitable for icy conditions! I know, I know... I live life on the edge. I digress. Pondering my wardrobe this morning, my peepers were drawn to this skirt. I don't know if it was the combination of the recent dreary weather or the intensely sugary tea my dad made me or perhaps it was my excitement at a SUNNY DAY. Whatever the cause, today was definitely a print day:

Oh Em Gee my hair is getting nice and long now :o)

 - Jacket - H&M (Divided black concept)
-T-shirt- H&M (Trend concept)
- Skirt - Topshop 
- Booties - River Island
- Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
-Bracelets - Links of London
- Ring - Tiffany

 Most of these clothes are a layover from my autumn 2012 wardrobe, so they're probably sold out in stores- bad times. H&M has had a few great seasons (improved somewhat by my staff discount) and its a great place to buy trend led looks, aswell as basics for just a snippet of your monthly pay packet.
 The skirt is definitely the focal point of this outfit, and is balanced out by the neutral basics. Equally you could pair it with a clashing print for serious fash brownie points- a great look for summer. The pencil skirt-esque shape works well with the print and is a great length for both day and night. The fact that this still looks bang on trend over a year after I brought it, is evidence enough that print is still a strong look this season. If you fancy popping the print like me here are some looks that will leave you chomping at the colour-clashing-bit:

 Final Line Up at Mary Katrantzou S/S 2011- A cacophony of print and colour.

Aztec and geometry in purple hues at Mary Katrantzou A/W 2011.

Peter Pilotto S/S 2013. Violent colours and print clashing at its very best.

More lessons in how to clash print and colour at Peter Pilotto S/S 2013.

 These two labels are at the forefront of the print trend, so work it perfectly. Luckily its not hard to emulate the masters by pairing prints with easy basics like I did. Or if you're abit braver and want to colour/print clash make sure you do it with ablomb and confidence, knowing you're the height of style. Just ignore the stares of old ladies and chavs on the bus, I doubt they've read Elle this decade.

 Here's some more pics of today for your peepers:
CARB OVERLOAD. Note the three yorkshire puds- spoilt!
Nanny rocking the polka dots and pastel pink.
 Hannah is pleased with her mountain of whipped cream.. I mean waffle!

A x


  1. You look like a model! I love your style :)x

  2. Great outfit - I LOVE the boots and jacket :)

  3. YOure gorgeous , love love love your skirt xx