Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Day '13

Unless you have been in a hole for the past week, you may have noticed that England has been blanketed with a layer of snow. British people across the country rejoiced in having some actual weather to talk about and ponder over incessantly. Whilst it has made getting to work tricky, and no doubt destroyed any possibility of my new dress reaching me before I go out in London at the weekend, it has admittedly made England look rather beautiful.
My dad took the chance to crack out his, extortionately overpriced, camera and zoom lens to take some snaps around Brighton. Thought I would share them with the blogsphere as, I’m sure you’ll agree, they are pretty darn good. All credits go to Papa/Stephen Maskell. 
 The Level
 St Peters
The Level
Bikes at the Level
Who's been this way?! 

Close up
People down the Level
One Church
Pavilion Parade Gardens

St Peters

 Brighton Pavillion

Pavillion gardens
Details of the Pavillion
Ace flute player down Pavillion Gardens
Pavillion Gardens
The Level
St Peters from the Level
Pavillion details
Pavillion looking pretty
Even skips look pretty good in the snow
Intrepid Dog Walker down the Level
Manmade vs Nature down the Level
Me walking through Hollingdean

Hope you all enjoyed the snow! Fingers crossed my dress comes in time to party this weekend! 
A x


  1. gorgeous photos! xx

  2. Beautiful photos and post! would you like to follow each other?
    Besos, desde España, Marcela♥