Sunday, 10 February 2013

A sneak peek at my Bedside Table

Kinda like 'whats in my handbag' but with a lamp involved. Thought I would share the acutely stereotypical feminine statement that is my bedside table. I was sitting in bed last night when happened to look over and was crushed by the epiphany of just how much of a massive cliche I am. Every possible girly item is crammed onto that small surface- shiny jewellery, pretty flowers, generic Eiffel tower, shiny shiny lamp, reflective tiny boxes to keep pointless rubbish in, big fake flowers, fashion mag and of course my lifeblood, my crutch, my love.... a tin of Vaseline. Take a look see:

This explosion of girlyness is compounded by my sickeningly baby pink wallpaper which also has metallic gold patterns inscribed upon it. Just to make it that more cute. As much as I want to spit on this veritable cornucopia of cute pinkness and denounce it as both frivolous and a complete caricature of what a woman's room should be like, well I can't. Because its me. And I happen to like the colour pink, shiny things and pretty aesthetics because they make me happy and content. Like a bedazzled soft cashmere lined womb (with pretty jewellery included as standard). So there. Take that the patriarchy.

For those who also want it to look like a unicorn vomited all over their bedroom:
 the lamp was like a fiver from Dunelm Mill, The boxes are vintage cigar cases from ebay and Vivienne Westwood, the jewellery stand is from Urban Outfitters, The fake flowers were a quid each from Tiger, The coaster I stole from a swanky London bar, Necklace from New Look limited collection and the creepy eye was from Kos. The country, not the extortionately priced retail sister of H&M.

Just a note, Drapers is a super informative and interesting weekly look at fashion from an industry perspective. Essential reading for anyone wishing to get their foot in the door (eventually god willing) of this illusive and notoriously tricky sector. 

They're got some great reduced subscription offers on at the moment so take advantage!
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I'm tempted to do 'whats in my handbag' but things would certainly not look as chic as my bedside table. Alas, the dirty little secret that I casually sling over my shoulder daily is not filled with rainbows and smiles, but dozens of receipts for sausage rolls, tampons, 5ps, milky way buttons, about 10 old lipglosses and what can only be described as a collected general detritus lining the bottom. I have a horrible feeling it is a combination of left over chocolate from Easter, mixed with spilt vodka, festering orange juice, candle wax and cat hair. Might steer WELL clear of that one then...


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  2. I don't have a bedside table xx :(

    mac lipstick giveaway.

  3. Cute post & fab idea to post a small insight into your room. I wish my polly pocket sized bedroom was big enough to house a bedside table *sob*

    Hey you left a comment on my post about Ibiza and I didn't want you to miss my reply - because Ibiza is amazing and I'm excited for you! So here it is... Bossa or San Antonio are the best places to stay to be closer to the night life. Last year I stayed in San An, a cheaper option with less "big" venues and lots of general boozy bars typical of a night in Malia. This year I'm also thinking of staying in Bossa for a holiday, it's where Bora Bora beach is based and is obviously linked with being the more glamourous side to Ibiza and has Usuhia (FAVE), Space and Sankeys near by. As for the fash, I'd say it's a mix of both! It's SUCH an inspirational place to go for fashion, the way people style up yet still wear practically nothing is so interesting. Here's a round-up post I did a while back if you missed it/wanna have a peak at what I wore I hope you have a lovely time! x