Sunday, 10 February 2013

'Shit Fashion Girls Say'

Whenever I feel slightly morose about my life or perpetual lack of funds to buy shoes, there are certain things I turn to. Cats-doing-cute-things videos on youtube, scented candles, internet shopping, biscuits, Jared Leto, musicals, pampering baths and BLAH BLAH BLAH etc etc etc. The following video is one of those things that never fails to be hilarious time after time. Enjoy:

 The BN1's best bits:

'We're doing like American beauty on a yacht, but tribal... and with a fishtail braid!' >0.16<

'It looked like Forever 21 had vomited all over her' >0.26<

 'OhOhOhh she is totally the Miranda... She is SUCH a Samantha' >0.36<

(The following exchange could literally be a play by play script of many of my conversations) 
'Do I like okay?'
'So amaze'
'You look so chic right now'
'So Chic'
'I know right'
'Mega chic'
'It is like super chic'

'Totes Wang' >0.51<

'She was wearing... Uggs.' >0.59<


'Oh my god I'm totally tweeting that' >1.33<

'Hashtag totes amaze' >1.37<
Isn't is just HILARE?! This is truly utter unbridled brilliance in youtube form- racking up more than 1.3 mil viewers, this video is a true viral classic up there with numa numa and angry looking rodent thing. It is so very funny because it manages to capture the zeitgeist and is a timely replica of those working in the industry. The fact that I can clearly see myself in so many of P'trique's witticisms and find it utterly hilarious shows how cleverly written and informed this video is. I think the people that find it the funniest are people who understand and relate to the character; people who simply disregard fashion as a ridiculous preoccupation will just nod chummily, safe in the knowledge that this just affirms their suspicions. In my, admittedly biased, opinion these people are completely missing the point at this self-conscious prod at our own psyche and 'weakness' for a good pair of heels. Its not supposed to be a critique, but a good humoured mocking of how very silly we can look when discussing the completely foul nature of the devils shoe- the ugg boot. Lets all just watch and giggle; safe in the knowledge that its nice and healthy to laugh at ones self.


  1. Love thisssss! Crying. x

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    2. Its hysterical isn't it! I love him/ her x