Monday, 18 February 2013

LFW, Shopping Haul, Interview Nerves

 London Fashion Week
Guys and Gals, keep your peepers open for my future blog posts on LFW. I've been here, there and everywhere about London this weekend and I'm super knackered (but not too tired to hit the shops...cheeky). So I'll be writing up my LFW tit bits when I have stopped having the time of my life in the big smoke and have time to sit down and think it all out. Heres a quick sneaky peek:
In other news, I have an interview Wednesday morning for an internship in the PR department at Benetton! And its an actual proper atleast 3 month position rather than just work experience! And.... It.... Is.... PAID. These are gold dust in the fashion world, with most companies treating you like lackies rather than nurturing you as a prospective employee and bother to value your time with a wage. I am super ecstatic about the fact that it is PAID. AAAAH. Not only because it will make me seem like an actual employee, but it means I will be able to afford the £450 monthly cost of commuting from Brighton. My stretched (to say the least) overdraft will certainly breathe a sigh of relief.
There would be nothing I want more than to intern in the PR department at Benetton, because I am sooooo eager to use my degree and skills I've developed from my previous internships. Ultimately, it'll be a real foothold on the career ladder and a step towards achieving my dream of working in the industry, rather than just another period of fruitless slaving with no real reward or recognition other than another bullet point on ones CV.
So today I was a very bad girl. The aforementioned shopping trip resulted in some most enjoyable purchases and fun times. Also visited Republic today, sad times as it finally breathed its last and fell into administration last week. Pretty sure the Brighton store is going to close even if the chain is saved, as all of the stock is being flogged big time. Thanks to Drapers I knew it was only a matter of time but its still sad to see another British company crack under the strain. Might do a little blog post on it, as it is such a massive issue, for those wanting to make it in the industry, aswell as hardcore shoppers who have to watch their hunting ground shrink by the day.
Anyways I digress.
Back to the enjoyable purchases:

Attitude Stone Stud Boot, £48, Miss Selfridge.
(Btw for some reason my iPhone is playing me up, hence the sideways photos. Sorry for the spin out. Damn you technology.)
I live and die in my trust white converse trainers, so to finally find some boots that fit and are on trend is a total blessing and shock. Now I can be fashionable and super comfy, its win win! They look fab with skinny jeans (my other wardrobe staple) and since theyre beige and a nice short length they will look wicked with a summer dress a la festival Kate Moss when the sun decides to grace us with its presence once more. The gold detailing, with the teeny tiny smattering of studs and spikes is so me, and adds a touch of glamour and interest. This style of dune boote were a massive hit last summer with the fash pack, so heres hoping for another glorious reign of some comfy fashionable shoes. Amen to that.
All sizes are still in stock you'll be happy to here. Both instore and online. Go Go Go!

 Bowler, £7.99. Nail Varnish £2.99
Also in my shopping back of happiness was this cute bowler hate and gold flake nail varnish both from H&M. I love love loveeeee the bowler. Whilst I certainly do not have a face for sunglasses I do have a face that suits hats. Why not make the most out of this small blessing by purchasing trendy headwear I asked myself, and thus brought myself a bowler. Abit quirky, abit Brighton, I have a feeling the bowler is gonna be big next season as a cooler alternative to other hats like the fedora and Indiana Jones style hat. The nail varnish is a big hit in the Maskell household. Especially lovely over beige and pastel shades, it really pops and has a nice combo of small and big flakes to give abit of interest. Lovellyyyyy.
All in all, quite a budget trip (thanks to expired student discount, gift cards and staff discount) and its good to know I'll for sure get cost per wear too. Good times all round one may say.
As I said earlier, keep your eyes and ears peeled and ready for my posts on LFW coming soon!


  1. Ooh I hope your interview went well, sounds like a great opportunity :)

  2. Good luck with the interview! I've been in contact with loads of the Benetton PR's in the last few weeks for the magazines I've been doing so if you get the job, they're all really lovely and I'm sure you'd have a brill time :)

    1. Fingers crossed! Oh fab, thats good to know! :) I really do want it. What magazines do you work for? xx

  3. Nice photos!
    your blog is very lovely and interesting.
    please visit my blog! <3 keep in touch!

  4. Good luck with your interview chick x

  5. Those boots are so so nice! : D x