Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Timeless Chic at the Cambridge Satchel Company

So The Cambridge Satchel Company has been floating around in my fashion consciousness for a while now. Last season saw the high street explode with cheap plastic imitations, yet even after a few seasons of being the epitome of cool, this old school style has yet to lose its appeal with the fash pack. Such a longetivity is rare, especially when it comes to the new 'it bag' of the moment (take note you Chloe Paddington's and Mulberry Bayswater's). Such styles are super popular for only a few months, seen everywhere and on everyone, until inevitably somebody from Towie is snapped clutching one or Kerry Katona wears it to Lidl and BAM they are relagated to the bottoms of wardrobes or worse, the Primark sale bin. Yet with the Satchel style, whether thanks to their minimal aesthetics or being rooted in traditional english heritage, it doesn't appear to be meeting the same fate as its predecessors just quite yet.

-The ad that propelled Cambridge Satchel Company into the public consciousness-
The Story 
Everybody knows you can't beat an honest rags to riches back story, especially one that is as honest and genuine as this. Started by Julia Deane in 2008 with an order of 8 generic satchels and budget of just £600, it is a true example of how hard work and perseverance can pay off (a pay off of a £12mill 2012 turnover in this case!) even in a sector as saturated as Fashion. Combined with the fact is a family business and has an exclusively UK manufacturing ethos, this company is simply unique and altogether effortlessly British.

Now Satchels are EVERYWHERE, and whilst it is tempting to just got to Primark and nab one for a fiver, every high street rip off I've seen is just that, a poor imitation of the original. With inferior pleather substites, proportions that are just slightly 'off' and hard unforgiving structures the high street satchels just can't compete. And with an average price point of just over £100 they are an affordable luxury that won't date or start to look utterly lame next season (think cost per wear girlies!) I for one, am going to stretch my pennies to invest in one of these classic beauties and help support a truly british and home grown company.

Now the most important bit of all, what Satchel to chose?! With dozens of colourways and inch combinations, this is certainly going to be a tricky task for one who has been known to procrastinate for hours over handbag purchases.

Luckily the new store in Covent Garden means that I can lust over every concievable bag combo at my leisure. As good as the website is, lots of pretty bag pics and useful info, aswell as quick delivery and online engraving, as every lady knows nothing is a substitute for holding the bag in your own hands before you decide. Shop online now HERE.

You can find the store just off the trendy seven dials area north of Covent Garden market. Based on the concept of Deane's kitchen where the business first flourished, the bags are nestled in vintage esque cabinets splashed with minimal colour to really let the product speak for itself. It also features a bloggers lounge with *GASP* free coffee and *UBER GASP* a satchel LENDING LIBRARY. I for one are definitely going to sign up for this- such an inventive way to give back to the blogging community which first pioneered her designs. Oh and my goodness I am excited about the prospect of an embossing department. Ahhh oh how lovely it will be for my bag to proclaim 'MASKELL' for all to see. #Heaven.

Here are a few pics from the brand's social media, look how pretty and well branded the entire space is. The brand very much operates on a simplicity that shouts if its not broke don't fix it ya know. 

Note the snazzy print satchels in the Bloggers Lounge- products of collabs with big brand names such as Chris Benz, Comme De Garcons, Christopher Shannon, Basso and Brooke and J Crew. Phew that is quite a list.

Now onto the products themselves- the very reason why this brand is going from strength to strength. Popular with celebs and bloggers alike, they are a simple style that fits the vintage theme that has been threaded through the zeitgeist of our fashions. 

~S'leb fans~
Ahh yes, we all know that anything Miss Chung lays her paws on becomes instantly covetable, the satchel is no exception. I just hope she doesn't suddenly start to like low rise ugg boots, heaven forbid or we are all doomed to shuffle around in chav slippers.


This new collection features a smattering of oh so stylish shades for s/s13, I want each and every one in my life.

So shall I choose the creamy chic classic or go for a pastel pop of cuteness? Good news is that many of the collections come in lots of different inches. The chelsea collection comes in 11" to 13" perfect for a little daily bag. 

Or perhaps a cheeky discontinued buttercup yellow? Only £80 and with only a few left I should probably snap it up sharpish. 

You can't beat a nice bit of metallic purple and at only £62 its abit of a steal!

Or perhaps the classic? Available in a varitable cornocopia of colours and sizes, there are literally too many for me to deal with. £94-£104
The fluro perhaps?! The fashion eds fave, its oh so on trend, it will make any outfit from a breton t and jeans to a little black dress so uber chic. Tempted by the yellow. £115-£130.

The Designer perhaps? You can just imagine Alexa clutching it in her mitts. £145.

A cheeky 15" 'Batchel' more your thing?! Totally practical, and oh so colour pop in this red, you can't really go wrong. Love the top handle. 

Now this. THIS I do believe is the one. Not so out there as the fluro yellow, but not as safe as the taupe. LFW catwalks AW13 showed monochrome with bright sunburts of yellow, so will probably be a safe bet for a year or so. Apart from that the yellow just calls to me, its so unusual, especially against the aesthetic of a simple satchel. I can just imagine it looking lovely in the summer. More than anything it just makes me smile. Which is as good a reason as any?!

 Im feeling a trip to the store at the end of this month, so I shall grab a few piccies of me looking deliriously ecstatic due to the euphoria of handbag shopping. In the mean time I would definitely recommend you have a cheeky look at the website, it really is lust worthy. Go on I dare you not to want each and every one. 


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