Sunday, 17 March 2013

Food find of the day- Fellini Restaurant and Bar

What to do on a lazy Sunday afternoon? Well for me the only logical thing to do it look at shoes on the internet and lust over pictures of scrumptious food whilst trying to find the motivation to go whip something up myself. A particularly tempting set of photos on my iPhone are ones from my recent jaunt to Fellini Restaurant and Bar. These snaps are just too gorgeous to keep to myself so I thought I would share that and brag about my absolute find in this gem of a restaurant. 
Fellini is a relatively new restaurant, occupying its coveted spot on Church road for under 2 years, but you wouldn't be alone in thinking that standing for decades, such is the quality of food and service. Popular with those in the know and local foodies, Fellini is fast becoming a Brighton institution. Providing a authentic yet modern Italian experience is key to the restaurant's success: impeccable service, scrumptious food & a gorgeous interior all stack up to a perfect dining experience. Number 4 out of 111 restaurants listed on trip advisor, it is clear that the food speaks for itself. Unlike many other such establishments, Fellini's menu is inherently Italian to its core. Bucking the trend for utterly Anglicized menus in Italian restaurants, the menu is stripped right back with a focus on good quality ingredients and traditional recipes. With delights ranging from grilled swordfish to mushroom and sausage infused spaghetti on offer there is something for everyone. The price point of many dishes is similar to other restaurants, you might be paying a few pounds more, but when the food is this good and properly italian, its most definitely worth it. The wine list is similarly excellent- with little known Italian wines standing against the old favourites of Pinot Grigio, and with prices from £15 to £55 per bottle there is something to suit any taste and pocket. I particularly enjoyed the use of antipasto boards, gorgeous in their simplicity- a real treat and one that is sorely missed from other Italians.
Open all day, from breakfast to dinner, the restaurant aims to provide a tradition Italian way of life; whether you are popping in for a cheeky coffee and croissant to a lazy late dinner Fellini has it covered. This restaurant's appeal very much lays in its focus on good honest food and its refusal to sway from its Italian roots. The BN1 definitely gives it a solid 5 stars, and whole heartedly recommends to any seasoned Brightonian and vistor alike. 
Here are some snaps from my recent visit to delight both your peepers and rumbling stomachs: 


More pictures of Fellini from their website- hungry people beware, this may be too much for you to take:

Have a look at their website here and if you don't believe me, have a gander at the trip advisor reviews here. Happy eating!!!!


  1. Hi just found your blog! Oh my *_*. This food looks incredible! This post has officially made me hungry hahaha. The last few pics look the best, ah :) I'm a total foodie so I love these sorts of reads!

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