Monday, 11 March 2013

Brand Focus - Capulet London

Handbags are my kryptonite.

And yes, I can just hear the collective sigh at that vacuous and utterly stereotypical statement. Here we go again, you are thinking, just another blogger who loves her handbags. And yes, whilst I am unashamedly addicted to arm candy, I'm not going to bore you with lots of 'Omigosh isn't this clutch so uber cute?!' Instead I'm going to let you into a little fash secret. As every fashionista knows, one can't be too late to the party in regards to trends and new brands.
The british public are so on point with new styles and emerging fashions, that it is becoming increasingly harder to look individual and to find new brands. Nowadays you're lucky if 10 other people aren't wearing your outfit to town, let alone 1. Everyone has every item from Topshop/ Urban Outfitters /Asos (delete as appropriate) in their wardrobes. So its great, and essential, to find new relatively unheard-of brands to stay unique in such a mass market culture.

Introducing Capulet London. The brand is the one of the best kept secrets of fashion insiders and Chelsea girls alike. The perfect companion to any girls life, not only is it chic, they are inherently practical. Let me explain: as fashion retail becomes even more multi platform, twitter hashtags influence television programming and instead of 'call me', 'facebook me' is the go-to form of communication we are all beholden to technology. Whether it be an  ipad, blackberry, iphone, tablet, laptop or macbook, just name your poison, we are certainly all in it together on this one. Don't worry you're not going to look like a techie geek with armfuls of silver, as Capulet is on hand to sheath your device in a fabulously on trend skin. The brand provides stylish and pracical solutions for housing the little devices you can't live without. This way, you can haul along your iphone/ipad/mac to meetings and know you're not going to destroy them and look chic at the same time. Its win win! Turning your phone into a fashion accessory is not a new thing (anyone remember clipping a snazzy case from the market onto the backs of our nokia 3510s and thinking we were the don?!), but Capulet London really does take it to a whole new level. Don't just take my word for it, feast your peepers on my picks from the collection:
 This bag would be perfect, it is most definitely my favourite pick of the collection. One of the most practical little bags I have stumbled upon. Easy for day or night, clutch or shoulder bag, with a special pocket for cards and your phone, it just works so well. Crafted from soft leather with a popping orange suede interior, it is classic and wearable but altogether trend led still.
Oh and it also comes in three more delightful colours. Must. Not. Look. Yes they're abit pricey, but think of cost for wear- its so versatile and in these colours you can't go wrong really. 
Most of their product is focused on providing a stylish covering for a particular device. Unsurprisingly lots of the clutches are iPad shaped, since their target market always seem to be toting these bits of kit. The Olivia is my personal favourite of all the iPad cases, with a veritable smorgasbord of this seasons shades, it should be on every girls wish list. I know you really can't tell scale but they are perfectly iPad proportioned with a roomy tardis like interior, the perfect size of clutch really to fit all your tidbits in.
One for your Kindle! Have books ever been so chic?!

 13inch laptop sleeve, OMG I just love Capulet's trademark bright orange suede interior. Each of the pieces in the collection features this cute detail, just like the ever fabulous Louboutin pumps, it really makes the product.

 And for your netbook.
And back to where it all started the humble phone, although now in a much posher reincarnation- the all powerful iPhone now has its own jammy case. Again love all the colours.

Capulet London's aesthetic values of simplicity, quality designs, good craftmanship and on trend colours makes for a winning combination.  Predict big things for this brand, especially if they stay true to this winning look. To be honest, technology is such an integral part of our lives and will continue to be, so a brand which embraces this and makes it a key part of our look, is certainly in for a bright future.
Shop online HERE or in UK store at Fortnum and Mason, Harrods or Selfridges (also sold across the world, should you be jetting off to Taiwan any time soon... in which case I am very jealous and you don't deserve a nice handbag.)

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