Friday, 25 March 2011

How I got my Fashion Magazine Internship!

Well, after many MANY months of trying I finally recieved an email from well known fashion weekly 'Look' Magazine, asking if I wanted an internship. Ofcourse the logical response to this email was to scream very loudly, did I mention I was in a lecture when this happened? Quite frankly I did not give two hoots as these Internships are imfamously impossible to come by!


I have literally been buying every copy in anticipation and screaming at anyone who is foolish enough to be in the vicinity- "LOOK AT THAT BALENCIAGA BAG, I'LL BE TOUCHING THINGS LIKE THAT!! AHHH!" Literally insufferable...

Just thought I'd share how I managed to snag the internship, as I know that it can seem like its an impossible goal most of the time.

I started by first looking in each magazine for contact emails/ postal addresses, and then on the website of each title. For most magazines, this is usually an editorial assistant's email. But for some titles, such as 'Now' magazine, there are guidelines for what to put in your application. You should try an stick to these, whilst retaining some personality, as magazines will recieve dozens, if not hundreds, of these emails every day. So make sure yours is the email they open! Keep in mind that most people only read the first and last paragraph of each piece of writing, so make these bits the best! Keep it snappy, light, dedicated, but most of importantly DON'T say the words 'fashion magazines have always been my passion' Double cringe. For each magazine, I kept to the same basic framework but tailored each different application to each magazine.
I literally sent an email and also a letter to every magazine, from 'Vogue' to 'Pick me up'. For months I recieved no replies, until I got an email from 'Look'. I also met someone by chance who worked at 'Glamour' magazine who kindly gave me her email when I explained how I would kill for an internship. Unfortunately I recieved no reply, but in the industry this is expected, not a personal refusal, so if you get this don't be disheartened!
As somebody once told me:
You have to send 10 applications for an interview, and you have to have 10 interviews to get a job.
As this was the mantra for getting a normal job, I assume for magazines the effects will be atleast 10-fold! Eeek! So keep persevering, because internships are a magazine hopefuls 'foot in the door' and one day you will get lucky!

As of the 20th of June I will officially be a fashion intern on Look Magazine, I will be posting my adventures (and some of the gorgeous clothes I will no doubt encounter) on this blog for all you lovelies.
♥ Enjoy ♥

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

The Gorgeous Golden Age of Couture ♥

My university course has been taking over my life over the past few weeks, but I don't mind too much since my presentation last week was on 'London and Paris Couture, 1947 to 1957. As you can imagine its not that gruelling a topic! Here is selection of the most stunning images I found during my research (They are way too amazing to keep to myself!)

= This is the book I used for my research, not only is it the most informative source I found on the subject, but it has so many pretty pictures. It totally brings out the magpie in me. (Wilcox, Claire. The Golden Age of Couture: Paris and London 1947-57. London, V&A publishing, 2008.) Our friends over at A White Carousel had so many pretty images I just had to give them a mention!(

The gorgeous gowns ♥

= Everybody loves abit of Dior ('Ecarlate' dress, Christian Dior. 1955, La Ligne Y collection.)

= ('Soiree de Decembre', Christian Dior. Autumn/Winter 1955, Y line collection.)

= The Iconic New Look that started it all (Bar Suit, Christain Dior. 1947, Ligne Corolle et en Huit Collection.)

= (Pierre Balmain, C.1950)

= (Jean Desses, 1953)

= ('Les Muguets'- Lily of the Valley. Hubert De Givenchy, 1955)

= (Dior 'Zemire Dress', 1954)

= JUST STUNNING (Organza emroidered with feathers and rhinestones, Pierre Balmain, c. 1955)

= And up close!

= (Cristobel Balenciaga, Autumn/Winter 1934)

= (Pierre Balmain, Spring/Summer 1957)

= The Queen has style! (Worn by Queen Elizabeth 2nd, on state visit to Paris. Norman Hartnell, 1957.)

= Oh and don't forget the shoes! (Roger Vivier for Christian Dior, 1958 and 1954 respectively)
Almost all of these images are from the Victoria and Albert Museum Archives.

Some period image inspiration ♥

= The ultimate in couture glam (image from Vogue, June 1948, photographed by Cecil Beaton)

= Janine Klein wearing Diors New look (Zig-Zag collection, Christian Dior. Autumn/ Winter 1950-51. British Vogue, 1948. Photographed by Clifford Coffin.)

= (Zig-Zag collection, Christian Dior. Autumn/ Winter 1950-51. British Vogue, 1948. Photographed by Clifford Coffin.)

= Opulence personified (Mary Jane Russel modelling Dior's 'Fish Scale' evening gown. American Harpers Bazaar, 1951.)

= (Dior evening gown, 1950)

= ('Zemire' dress in British Vogue, 1954. Christian Dior.)

= The main man himself checking out his designs (Christian Dior circa 1954)

= (1948, Coats by Molyneux and Hardy Amies)

= I don't know the sources for the above images (cheers Google) but I just had to include them!

= Audrey Hepburn you absolute doll ♥ (Hepburn wears Givenchy couture in the film 'Breakfast at Tiffany's, 1961)

= Again in one of her bff Hubert de Givenchy's designs (Givenchy Wedding Gown in the film 'Sabrina', 1954)

= The custom of Royalty was incredibley important to couturiers (Maid of honour Dress worn for Princess Elizabeth's wedding by Princess Margaret. Designed by Norman Hartnell in 1947.)

= (Princess Margaret in a Norman Hartnell gown, photographed by Cecil Beaton.)

= (Circa 1955)

= Dior Haute Salon, 1957.

Legacy ♥

= Galliano created this collection using the brand through the ages as inspiration. This resulted in the New Look, translated for a modern audience.(Dior, Couture Fall 2007. Designed by John Galliano.)

= Simply Brilliant. (Alexander Mcqueen, Spring/Summer RTW 2011. Designed by Sarah Burton.)