Saturday, 18 January 2014

The scent of Gucci Première

Inspired by the glamorous hollywood sirens of the past, the astonishingly lovely Gucci Premiere has been on the scene since 2012. As an avid patron of cocunut based scents I have some what neglected the deep heady scents; as they have often reminded me of ageing starlets draped in 50 year old furs cloying with old perfume (YSL's Opium anyone?!) Yet after stumbling apon Premiere by accident by way of a tiny tester bottle I was officially hooked. Alas, it won't make you look like stupidly good looking front woman Blake Lively, but it still makes me smell (& feel) pretty damn good.

The Bottle
I'm a total sucker for anything shiny and gold (hence a bedroom full of useless trinkets and pieces of tat that caught my eye) so this bottle was a total must for me. Totally encased in resplendent gold, its a welcome edition to any dressing table. With the signature Gucci horse bit draped around it's neck, the bottle speaks of it's glamorous 70's heyday where icons such as Rita Hayworth bedecked themselves in the label.  Apparently inspired by the Gucci gowns at the 2010 Cannes Film Festival, the fragrance has a suitably glamorous feel. Frida Gianni describes the perfume as such - “For such a successful woman, something equally remarkable was required. Gucci Première is womanly, intriguing and as seductive as the perfect couture gown.”

The Scent
As a self-confessed perfume novice (hey I just go for the pretty bottles) I don't pretend to know the first thing about what makes up a scent. I would definitely advise popping in to your nearest shop and having a quick spritz because I can't begin to describe how rich and yummy it is. Here's what the website had to say about the actual scent -

TOP: bergamot, orange blossom; The fragrance opens with the luxury and exuberance of a vintage champagne. A burst of effervescent bergamot fused with feminine and celebratory orange blossom.

HEART: white flowers, musk; At the scent’s core nestle the brilliant white flowers of an intense bouquet, laced with a magnetically sensual modern musk

BASE: leather, wood; The fragrance’s warm and indulgent foundation rests in a beguiling cocktail of subtly smoky leather and creamy balsamic woods that epitomises absolute glamour.

 Overall, it's a beautiful, deep scent in a gloriously pretty bottle. What more can a girl want?!


Gucci Première eau de parfum from £45