Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Shop Focus - My Flash Trash

As many of you probably already know, worst kept fash secret myflashtrash.com is the absolute go to site for quirky trend-led jewellery. From cute pendants, to ethnic inspired statement necklaces and rings just crying out to be layered up, there are pieces to suit any style tribe here. Here are just a few of the bits and bobs finding themselves on my wishlist.

I promise you, it's an addictive site: you'll soon be checking out the new arrivals on a weekly basis! Shop all these beauts and more at www.myflashtrash.com.

Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Catwalk Focus = Dior Haute Couture Fall 2013

Couture Fashion Week is always a welcome break from the relatively drab mid season summer break. Fashion's final hurrah before the stressful September collections, Couture represents a step back to the intrinsic nature of fashion itself. RTW tends to dictate the following few seasons for both other designers and the rest of us on the high street, so in Couture the designers have much freer reign, relatively unconstrained by advertisers and commercial worries. As a result, these collections seem to go back to the soul of the house and tend to explore more radical shapes which won't be focused on the hard sell but instead on creativity.

Raf Simons third couture outing as creative director of Christian Dior was one of my personal favourites. The past two seasons have seen Simons cement himself as Dior man through and through, demonstrating to show his mastery of classic Dior styles and intrinsic knowledge of the house's archives. This collection sees him move slightly away from traditional Dior styles. Yes the silhouettes and aesthetics are still fundamentally Dior, but the look is very much modernity personified, something Simons excels in.

Here is just a small cross section of the 53 styles:


As you can see, it is a collection of variety and experimentation. You can see the heavy influence of mid twentieth century styles - the cinched in waists, heavy silks and demure strapless styles. But this season, Raf wanted to experiment with the idea of 'Global Fashion Culture'. This is evident in the delicate textural shibori fabrics, transforming a relatively simple silhouttes into beautifully intricate dresses. The jewel like colours and mixture of aztec prints help cement this feeling of Paris meets Africana. My personal favourite is the ombre grey to blue to orange glass fringe dress. A piece that really shouldn't work, yet Simons grasp of both the new modernity and the very niche Dior Couture customer makes this piece (and the rest of the collection) work all too well. This is the new Dior, styles that hark back to the golden age yet embrace the future whole heartedly.

The other interesting aspect of this show was the multi media aspect - viewers were confronted with huge screens with images collated from the greats of fashion photography of the models in their looks pre-show (think Patrick Demarchelier & Terry Richardson). The increasingly multimedia nature of fashion is shaping the landscape of fashion itself, and I for one, perhaps because I work in Social Media, am super excited to see the result.

So, to sum up this fabulous concoction of cultures and aesthetics - think chic africana, subtle shapes, impeccable craftsmanship, unusual colour combos and texture clashes. Elegant and creative couture at its finest.



Monday, 1 July 2013


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Friday, 28 June 2013

Shades of Blue Dress

Today was payday. That can only mean one thing- some SERIOUS shopping. Luckily for me I had my eyes set firmly upon one dress, so when I received my monies I knew exactly where to go.

Thanks to Lucky Mecklenburgh debuting this style in Marbs this style has proved spectacularly popular. I tried resisting this dress as it was a tad out of my price range (I buy alot of dresses so I need to seriously budget) but seeing it again on a lass in Brighton last weekend I just had to have it in my life. So then I started to justify this purchase, and ofcourse my Birthday is coming up in a few weeks, providing the ultimate dress occasion. Perfecto I thought, so I waited for it to be restocked at 4pm today (telling myself that this was again fate telling me I HAD to buy this dress) and nabbed it as soon as it came online. Queue flustered entering of details and much air pumping in the office once the purchase confirmation had came through. 

So anyways, very very exciting times for me. I can't wait to receive it on Monday, fingers crossed they manage to find the office okay in posho Richmond. I will definitely be returning to Three Floor, such an original brand - still wearable but altogether sleek and completely on trend. With echoes of Alexander Wang and Celine, its worth paying that little bit more for well designed pieces like this.

Shop this dress here (Quickly before it goes! Although more stock will come on the 5th of July phewwwww)

Shades of Blue Dress
from Three Floor

Friday, 10 May 2013

Jeff Koons at Brighton Museum

If you are down in Brighton for the May festival, or popping down for a sunny/dirty/hen weekend in the Summer, do pop in to the Art Gallery to have a look at the Jeff Koon's exhibition. Me and my mum joined the Brighton Museums and Art Gallery (so middle class I know), so we got invited to the private view tonight. After our initial shock that one had to pay, yes PAY, for wine (not even Champagne) we got to look at the exhibition. 

Showcasing some of his most prolific works- from the Inflatable series and the winter bears, to the New Hoover Convertibles and animal mirrors, the pieces show the true breadth of his work in a succinct collection. My personal favourite is 'Winter Bears'. To me, the sculpture really encapsulates Koons' attitude towards our current obsession with consumerism and all things commercial. At first glance, the kitsch grinning animals seem to represent a youthful exuberance- with hopeful beady eyes and cute clothing. Yet as you continue to gaze, a vaguely sinister undertone peeps through the thin gauze of the superficial. The bear's smiles are frozen, their eyes are empty,  you realise that the whole portrayal is wholly insincere. They become a bushy tailed wide eyed stereotype; a parody of the Disney juggernaut that shapes the children of this generation. The bears represent a complete culture of consumerism; when even the complete innocence of childhood is not beyond corruption. Here, Koons' suggests that much of our culture, and indeed our inherent systems of belief, are indeed shallow artifice which mask a much harsher reality.

The best thing about his work is that it invites comment and extrospection in its honest, apparent simplicity. The work is completely subversive in its nature. Take the animal mirrors; they very literally force the viewer to become the viewed. The artwork becomes active, the viewer passive; forcing a questioning of the piece itself. The best shows are ones which are the loudest, I love hearing 'what does this mean?!', conversation and opinion is what keeps art vibrant and truly alive.
It opens to the public tomorrow and carries on till September the 8th. Fabulous!

Read this fab article on Koons and also info on the exhibition:

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

This summer, interiors go global

 With the seemingly imminent arrival of our fabulous British summer, it seems that everybody is embracing a very new style of interiors- a world away from this spring's fling with light florals and pastel shades. Influenced in part by catwalk mavericks and print obsessives like Mary Katrantzou and Peter Pilotto, combined with the start of festival season and a current cultural obsession with exotic lands; bright bold prints that take inspiration from far flung continents and abstract cultures are starting to seep in to the world of interiors. 
This emerging trend for all things global is a mixture of different cultural aesthetics, colours, prints and textures- combining to form a riotous celebration of interior design. Perhaps as a backlash to the clean simplicity of the recent trend for tonal whites and scandinavian design, this bali-esque chic is anything but dull.This trend is one that truly embraces the feelings of summer: with one part festival, a smattering of different cultures, a mish mash of print, vibrant colours, textural materials, all tied up with a vintage feel- this trend is very much one of the global traveller. Taking influence from the textiles of India, Aztec prints, the bright zingy colours of the Morroco, the Bali Vibe, and the artisan crafts of Africa, this fashion is completely cross cultural. Combine all of this in a curated and considered manner (you don't want your front room to look like an explosion in a textile factory) and you will have the aesthetic down to a T.
So how does one achieve this cornocupia of styles you ask? Luckily, with a style this bold, it is relatively easy to embrace your inner nomad; just add some eclectic, vibrant new pieces and you'll be on trend for the whole of the summer season. This trend for all thing global requires minimal output but achieves a bold statement. Now for the ultimate in traveller chic, you'll have spent decades jetting off to far flung exotic villages collecting authentic handcrafted pieces. Luckily for you, and your credit card, there is one website where you can pick up all of these items with just a click of the mouse. www.notonthehighstreet.com is a veritable treasure trove of unique pieces- from sumptous bedding, to innovative wall art, this is a site you simply cannot leave without snapping something up. These instantly lust worthy items will lend your home a hint of global chic, or you can go flat out nomadic traveller, its up to you! Happy shopping.

-By Luckies-

- By Blanche Dls Designs-
this gorgeous trunk

-Atlas Collection by Pins and Ribbons-

-By Home & Glory-

-By Viva Design-
-By Kate Sproston Design-
-By I love Retro-
 -By Nkuku-
-By Daughters of the Revolution-
-By I Love Retro-
-Buy Kiki's gifts and homewear-
-By Bombus-
-By London Garden Trading-

-By Paperwork-
Buy me here.

-Out There Interiors-
Buy me here.

-By Strawberry Hills-
Buy me here.

-By Box Brownie Trading-
Buy me here.

Monday, 1 April 2013

Brand Focus - My Flash Trash

My bank manager is not going to enjoy this. Having recently discovered a complete gem of a jewellery website, I am going through the perennial dilemma of overdraft VS lust for shiny pretty things that I absolutely need in my life.  
Describing itself as 'A curation of the most talked about jewellery from the world's coolest designers' the website certainly covers all the bases with its carefully selected stock. With stock from whimsical Elsie Belle, to the fierce Love Bullets, there are pieces to suit any style tribe, and more importantly any budget. Prices range from a £5 to £420, so whether you are looking for a quick trend fix to update a new dress or a forever piece, my Flash Trash has got it covered! Amber Atherton of Made in Chelsea fame is the business maverick behind this lust worthy new website, pairing style with slick business acumen is a sure fire path to success.
Each brand is introduced by a Pinspiration type banner that re-inforces brand identity and shows customers in an instant what the product is all about. Love this approach- here my Flash Trash is cleverly building on the increasingly multi-platform nature of fashion retail and the increasing importance trends bubbling up from the street level. Aswell as popularizing street trends, at the moment the 90's scrunchie and Coachella chic jewels are heavily featured, celebrity endorsement presents another interesting angle. As we all know, getting you garms plastered over a celeb is sure fire way to get your product and brand out there. My Flash Trash is no stranger to the power of celebrity, making sure that many pieces are worn by celebrities; the pictures of which are displayed prominently on the website. The brand is multi platform featuring on social media abound such as Pinterest, instagram, polyvore and we love it, amongst many others.
However a new website is nothing without unique, eye catching product. My Flash Trash is certainly not short of this. So without further ado, have a gander at some of my favourite pieces which will hopefully be stashed in my jewellery box before long.

The BN1's Edit 

Find all these fabulous pieces and many more absolute style steals and trend gems at www.myflashtrash.com. Happy shopping ladies!