Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Statement Jewels: Spotlight on Mawi

If you're going to be wearing jewellery, make sure its a statement piece. Big, bold accessories have been standard pop for the last few seasons, but this season is set to raise the bar of extravagance higher still:

I'm surprised the models at Gucci managed to stay upright on the catwalk under the weight of all that embellishment. Frida Giannini went colour-block-seventies-crazy, going for the 'fake Liz Taylor' look with huge amounts of costume jewellery completing the look perfectly. It was definitely in the top 5 collections in The BN1's opinion, see it in all its glory by clicking here. The S/S 13 collecitons were awash with heavy adornment and statement pieces; contrasting with the trend for simplicity and white shades.
Leading the pack is the favourite of both fashion eds and stylish celebs alike; Mawi Jewellery. Launched in 2002, this British brand has gone from strength to strength. With a background in womenswear and bag design aswell as jewellery design, Mawi Keivom is one talented designer. Having lived in varied countries, the designer's work embodies the looks of cultures from across the globe, creating an interesting and ultimately unique brand. She says:
  "I lived all over the world, and it's shaped my aesthetic. The tribal cultures [of Manipur] are very different, people wear sarongs, they wear coral and feathers in their hair. If someone didn't tell you, you might think you were in Peru or Mexico, or people would think you were an American Indian. All the statement pieces are probably secretly inspired by tribal jewellery."
Unsurprisingly, Mawi's aesthetic is inherently oriental and tribal, with looks inspired by ancient cultures. With themes such as tigers, spikes, studs and precious bright gems running through the collections, the brand is varied, yet at the same time succinct as a whole. Jo Adams from The Guardian describes the pieces as 'Instant Heirlooms', an insightful opinion on pieces that is are very much 'of the moment' yet has the weight of jewellery that you know will stand the test of time. Taking influence from the Orient (so 2013) and also the punk scene, has created an interesting mish mash of styles which has fully enticed the fash pack (a notoriously hard collective to please).
As the brand reaches the age of double figures, its very much a time of expansion and change. This year brings handbags yet again and also collabs with shoe designer Bruno Magli makes this an exciting time for Mawi. Keivom sums up the brand perfectly: 
"I'm very much about tradition as well, it's about mixing it up with this rebellious edge." 

The BN1's Edit

And yes, you'll notice in all my posts I tend to include the prices in the image wherever I can. Because although we don't like to admit it, even the spendiest of us checks the label first. You can just imagine these pieces slung over a simple colour block shift or equally with skinnies and a cable knit. Mawi is the go to brand to conjure up effortless elegance with a fash twist. Although the brand is famous for their big hitting necklaces, one should not forget their other pieces. 

Oh Em Gee these are just perfect- understated yet with an edge. Easily paired with a multitude of looks and styles to create an outfit that fashion editors would be totes jeal of.  
The rings don't disappoint, with a choice between opulent elegance and unusual punk styles. I personally am in love with the first one, which would also be most helpful should you be mugged. 
Bracelets too mirror the style of the necklaces, and would look great alongside the standard Michael Kors watch and array of friendship bracelets.

As these shoes are the most stunning I have seen in a while. They certainly take my fancy- Jewel colours, the sheen of satin and glimmer of stones all topped off with a stiletto heel is enough to make any self confessed fashionista's heart race.
The brand's recent forray into bags is the fairy ontop of the jewel-encrustated cake. So sparkly, so chic, so 2013! They would complete any outfit, and complete my life.
Must. Not. Buy!

Being the good girl that I am, I resisted the urge to splurge, pleasing my banker by buying these looky likies from H&M's trend collection. So Mawi, they're perfect to rock with any outfit and look alot more expensive than their £12 price tag. They serve to satisfy my lust for Mawi... Just.
The brand will be showing at London Fashion week in the exhibition hall, should any of you want a spectacle of colour, sparkle and oh-so-covetable pieces during LFW head to the Mawi stand. That is if your resolve is strong or your Wang clutch is full of dollar.
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Sunday, 27 January 2013

My Style- What does one wear to a sunday carvery?!


So the day of perpetual laziness rolls around once again, and the world breathes a sigh of relief or is too busy dying of a hangover to care. In honour of my nan's birthday the family got together and we headed off to the good old carvery in search of some classic sunday grub. For once the temperature climbed above freezing and the sun even graced us with its presence; luring me out of my jeans and into a skirt. With my big comfy coat/ sleeping-bag-with-arms once again ensconced in my wardrobe, I even slung on a light jacket! And shoes in no way suitable for icy conditions! I know, I know... I live life on the edge. I digress. Pondering my wardrobe this morning, my peepers were drawn to this skirt. I don't know if it was the combination of the recent dreary weather or the intensely sugary tea my dad made me or perhaps it was my excitement at a SUNNY DAY. Whatever the cause, today was definitely a print day:

Oh Em Gee my hair is getting nice and long now :o)

 - Jacket - H&M (Divided black concept)
-T-shirt- H&M (Trend concept)
- Skirt - Topshop 
- Booties - River Island
- Necklace - Dorothy Perkins
-Bracelets - Links of London
- Ring - Tiffany

 Most of these clothes are a layover from my autumn 2012 wardrobe, so they're probably sold out in stores- bad times. H&M has had a few great seasons (improved somewhat by my staff discount) and its a great place to buy trend led looks, aswell as basics for just a snippet of your monthly pay packet.
 The skirt is definitely the focal point of this outfit, and is balanced out by the neutral basics. Equally you could pair it with a clashing print for serious fash brownie points- a great look for summer. The pencil skirt-esque shape works well with the print and is a great length for both day and night. The fact that this still looks bang on trend over a year after I brought it, is evidence enough that print is still a strong look this season. If you fancy popping the print like me here are some looks that will leave you chomping at the colour-clashing-bit:

 Final Line Up at Mary Katrantzou S/S 2011- A cacophony of print and colour.

Aztec and geometry in purple hues at Mary Katrantzou A/W 2011.

Peter Pilotto S/S 2013. Violent colours and print clashing at its very best.

More lessons in how to clash print and colour at Peter Pilotto S/S 2013.

 These two labels are at the forefront of the print trend, so work it perfectly. Luckily its not hard to emulate the masters by pairing prints with easy basics like I did. Or if you're abit braver and want to colour/print clash make sure you do it with ablomb and confidence, knowing you're the height of style. Just ignore the stares of old ladies and chavs on the bus, I doubt they've read Elle this decade.

 Here's some more pics of today for your peepers:
CARB OVERLOAD. Note the three yorkshire puds- spoilt!
Nanny rocking the polka dots and pastel pink.
 Hannah is pleased with her mountain of whipped cream.. I mean waffle!

A x

Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Snow Style

So the snow was momentarily back with a vengeance today, luckily I still had all of my apres-ski chic clothes out and raring to go!

Hopefully the snow will melt away to reveal a lush springtime filled with lots of sunshine and flowers- A girl can dream! The S/S 13 designer collections have been taunting me with their summery goodness since last autumn, and now the shops are filling with the first of the summer drops. I've had to hide my debit card lest I go into a midi dress induced frenzy. 

Until then I guess we'll just have to make do with our huge array of knitted goods and huge scarves atleast for the next few months. I am holding out to shop the summer collections for the mean time. That is until gladiator sandals hit the shops mid-march, and then god help me.. and my bank balance. 


What I wore


-My aviator cum shearling jacket was brought from Lipsy 2 winters ago for £75, when they were all the rage. My one is more fur than shearling, and is a slightly darker fur on the inside, but the suede exterior is the same, as are the buckles! Although its a few years old, a good chic jacket such as this a wardrobe classic.

This jumper from H&M is total savior when you just want a simple thing to throw on. Since it was an absolute steal, I just had to buy it in 4 colours. Its a really light and loose knit, which is not only great for layering in wintry weather, but will be perfect to throw over a dress in the springtime. I brought mine last season, but since it proved to be such a good seller that its back in stores in new spring shades. 

Anyone who knows me will know I live in skinny jeans, especially in the winter months when my legs are certainly staying under wraps. These are my new favorites as they're a really flattering shade and fabric, but are still trend led with the acid wash details. I can't praise Miss Selfridge enough for their amazing jeans; if you're looking for a long wearing cheap pair then it really is the place to go. They seem to contain more elastic than other places, which makes them comfortable and means they retain the skinny fit. 

A good old pair of classic Converse All Stars low (Ox in Optical white) are a must for any wardrobe. Albeit a slightly generic choice as the world and his wife has a pair, their comfy allure is just to hard to resist. They look equally great with either jeans or a casual summer dress, so they are a complete crutch for me! I've set my peepers on a pair of poppy red high tops next for the summer.

This bag is my constant companion, its the perfect size and style to just grab and go. The iconic speedy 30 is an instant wardrobe updater, no matter how plain your outfit is, this little gem will take you from boring to chic in a jiffy. Although it is a tad pricy, just think of cost per wear, and like a Liberty print scarf or Burberry Trench, it is an item that will never date. 

A x

Monday, 21 January 2013

Snow Day '13

Unless you have been in a hole for the past week, you may have noticed that England has been blanketed with a layer of snow. British people across the country rejoiced in having some actual weather to talk about and ponder over incessantly. Whilst it has made getting to work tricky, and no doubt destroyed any possibility of my new dress reaching me before I go out in London at the weekend, it has admittedly made England look rather beautiful.
My dad took the chance to crack out his, extortionately overpriced, camera and zoom lens to take some snaps around Brighton. Thought I would share them with the blogsphere as, I’m sure you’ll agree, they are pretty darn good. All credits go to Papa/Stephen Maskell. 
 The Level
 St Peters
The Level
Bikes at the Level
Who's been this way?! 

Close up
People down the Level
One Church
Pavilion Parade Gardens

St Peters

 Brighton Pavillion

Pavillion gardens
Details of the Pavillion
Ace flute player down Pavillion Gardens
Pavillion Gardens
The Level
St Peters from the Level
Pavillion details
Pavillion looking pretty
Even skips look pretty good in the snow
Intrepid Dog Walker down the Level
Manmade vs Nature down the Level
Me walking through Hollingdean

Hope you all enjoyed the snow! Fingers crossed my dress comes in time to party this weekend! 
A x