Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Mulberry Procrastination ♥

A healthy level of Procrastination, balanced with frenzied essay writing is key to any conscientious University student's life. However there is a point at which a relaxed dilly-dallying becomes a day of doing sweet F.A. This point has been reached by myself many-a-time. This is ussually down to:

A. Reading magazines, even the classified pages. (I keep telling myself that this is ESSENTIAL market research for my future career. Even I know this is a hollow lie.)

B. http://gofugyourself.com/ Brillaint sartorial quips about the many and varied celebrity fashion disasters. Personally I love the stories about Boobs Legsly/Blake Lively, so true.

C.  http://www.fmylife.com/ Because no matter how bad your life may feel, This website proves that someone has it worse. Albeit in a rather hilarious manner.

D. http://www.theoutnet.com/ Come on, how can anyone not love this website?! Cut price designer goodies at genuinely affordable prices. Always See by Chloe, Twenty8Twelve by Sienna Miller, By Malene Birger at amazingly cheap prices. Best for Jeans and good quality plain T's, but if you want to stretch to a couple of hundred, you can get some really WOW pieces.

E. Last, but certainly not least, is http://www.mulberry.com/. Just seeing that little tree mades my heart leap with joy, tinged with sadness that I cannot afford every last one of those handbags. In my opinion, Mulberry make the most classic, elegant pieces around, which are still very much trend led, without being a slave fashion's every whim. This season I'm covetting the mint green Mini Taylor Satchel http://www.mulberry.com/#/storefront/c5934/6022/category/ and the ostritch Alexa http://www.mulberry.com/#/storefront/c5934/6043/category/. Absolute Perfection in bag form.
Whilst I love these pieces now, no doubt by next week, there will be a new bag that will make me want to sell my grandma. This constant stream of seductive leathery beauties is tempting, but will never take my eye away from my ultimate goal..... The Mulberry Bayswater. An eternal icon of grace and class, this bag is re-invented in new textures and shades each season, never losing its effortless appeal. Yes the Alexa has all of those snazzy clasps, and *GASP* A long strap which is oh so ontrend, but for me, the glory of the Bayswater will never fade. The only question is... Which colour? Obviously the coral version flaunted by many a sloane girl last season was glorious, but for £775 I'm thinking longetivity is key.
Looks like its going to be:

1: Oak

2: Chocolate

3: Black.
Hmmm Luckily/ Unluckily for me, I've got a good few months of scrimping until I realise my Mulberry Dreams, so I have plenty of time to decide!
Hmm I should probably get back to writing my highly deep and intelligent presentation.*

*doodling hearts on my notepad.