Wednesday, 17 April 2013

This summer, interiors go global

 With the seemingly imminent arrival of our fabulous British summer, it seems that everybody is embracing a very new style of interiors- a world away from this spring's fling with light florals and pastel shades. Influenced in part by catwalk mavericks and print obsessives like Mary Katrantzou and Peter Pilotto, combined with the start of festival season and a current cultural obsession with exotic lands; bright bold prints that take inspiration from far flung continents and abstract cultures are starting to seep in to the world of interiors. 
This emerging trend for all things global is a mixture of different cultural aesthetics, colours, prints and textures- combining to form a riotous celebration of interior design. Perhaps as a backlash to the clean simplicity of the recent trend for tonal whites and scandinavian design, this bali-esque chic is anything but dull.This trend is one that truly embraces the feelings of summer: with one part festival, a smattering of different cultures, a mish mash of print, vibrant colours, textural materials, all tied up with a vintage feel- this trend is very much one of the global traveller. Taking influence from the textiles of India, Aztec prints, the bright zingy colours of the Morroco, the Bali Vibe, and the artisan crafts of Africa, this fashion is completely cross cultural. Combine all of this in a curated and considered manner (you don't want your front room to look like an explosion in a textile factory) and you will have the aesthetic down to a T.
So how does one achieve this cornocupia of styles you ask? Luckily, with a style this bold, it is relatively easy to embrace your inner nomad; just add some eclectic, vibrant new pieces and you'll be on trend for the whole of the summer season. This trend for all thing global requires minimal output but achieves a bold statement. Now for the ultimate in traveller chic, you'll have spent decades jetting off to far flung exotic villages collecting authentic handcrafted pieces. Luckily for you, and your credit card, there is one website where you can pick up all of these items with just a click of the mouse. is a veritable treasure trove of unique pieces- from sumptous bedding, to innovative wall art, this is a site you simply cannot leave without snapping something up. These instantly lust worthy items will lend your home a hint of global chic, or you can go flat out nomadic traveller, its up to you! Happy shopping.

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this gorgeous trunk

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  1. so nice!! :)

  2. It has nice details, like stitching, workmanship and material, definitely genuine leather, the style is rare in our local stores, so I may be the only one has this sheepskin jackets in my town, very happy to find this in, so pleased with it.